Jean Rafferty will be running her workshop, The Book Route, for the NUJ in November. 


The course is about taking a project from an idea to publication.


The first session is about Positioning your Book in the Market and Choosing between Traditional and  Self Publishing and is at 10am on Tuesday 17th November.


The second is at 10am the following day, Wednesday 18th November, and is about Agents, Are They Worth Their 15 Percent? and Publicising Your Book.

If you're interested contact Joan Macdonald on or call her on 07730-513-991.

           Pilot Project

Jean Rafferty and her colleagues in the M Team are taking part in a pilot project, mentoring six people each for the NUJ.

If you're interested and a member of the NUJ please contact Joan Macdonald on: 

Or phone 07730-513-991.


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Jean Rafferty has travelled widely for her journalism and has also taught on various journalism workshops in countries such as Nepal, Albania, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.

She was also privileged to take part in Lesley Riddoch's Africawoman project in Ghana in 2001.


For many years she was a visiting lecturer on the University of Strathclyde‘s postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Journalism and Creative Writing and is still in touch with many former students.

She has delivered training in local councils, newspapers, universities and businesses and has been called an 'inspirational trainer.'



We're all in lockdown and it might feel that life is on hold. But now is precisely the time to examine your life. Did you have the perfect life before lockdown started? Or are you dreading the thought of going back to work?


There may be months to go - at least - before we get back to normal. Why not use this period to examine what you really want from your life.

Jean Rafferty and her colleagues in the M Team are qualified mentors who are offering knockdown, lockdown rates for mentoring. We are experienced in journalism, creative writing, non-fiction books, self publication, traditional publishing, broadcasting (both television and radio) and photography.


We find that online sessions work in much the same way as face to face meetings. If you're struggling to concentrate, want to find a new way forward, or simply want to explore your options, we can help you.

Call Jean Rafferty on 07881-304-729

Coaching and Mentoring

Interested in developing your skills with the help of someone who was called one of the top feature writers in the UK?

Jean Rafferty offers one to one coaching, specially tailored to your needs. You can choose from a one day individual workshop, a short session, or a series of mentoring sessions over a specified period of time.

She is supportive, sometimes challenging, and fun.

Call 07881-304-729 to discuss fees or email:

Jean Rafferty is a member of The M-Team, a group of four experienced journalists with certification from the Chartered Management Institute. We are currently running a pilot project for the NUJ.


Jean Rafferty is an experienced editor, having edited literary magazines and anthologies. Her most recent publication was the forthcoming Dove Tales anthology, Bridges or Walls?

Call 07881-304-729 to discuss fees or email Jean on:

  • @fireopal19
  • jean rafferty Facebook
  • jean rafferty YouTube