Delighted to be reading one of my contributions to A Kist of Thistles, the new collection of radical Scots poetry edited by Jim Aitken.

Paisley Book Festival at 5pm this Thursday, 25th February, online.

Free tickets.

We're in a brand new era of publishing. Have a look at the trailer for Foul Deeds Will Rise, created by my brilliant nephew, Bob Rafferty

I'm thrilled to be included in the forthcoming Dangerous Women anthology. You can read my article on female genital mutilation on the project's website:

Dangerous Women

By Jo Shaw, Ben Fletcher-Watson and Abrisham Ahmadzadeh

Fifty reflections on women, power and identity

Dangerous Women was a year long project inspired by the comment that Nicola Sturgeon was the most dangerous woman in Britain.

400 women posted pieces on the site, which was administered by the University of Edinburgh.

I chose to write about Female Genital Mutilation, a subject I had tried and failed to get into mainstream media. 'Too grim,' was what editors said.

Now the Dangerous Women team are trying to publish 50 of the articles as a book. Please visit their crowdfunding site to support this work, which will keep debate going and remind people that women's battles for equality have not all been won:

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