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Is a writer of fiction, an award-winning journalist, and now a children's author. Her series of three children's books, Mary Braveheart, will be published by Moathouse Publishing.


Rafferty's first two works of fiction were both nominated for literary prizes. 

Her third, Foul Deeds Will Rise, about satanist ritual abuse, was published in June 2019 by independent publisher, Wild Wolf Publishing. 

The novel is about satanist ritual abuse and was four years in the making - Wild Wolf are the third publisher to take it on.

Despite her track record, Rafferty had over 50 rejections from  agents and publishers for this controversial novel. She has battled for over twenty years to have the subject taken seriously and its victims respected.

Her article in The National on the 25th anniversary of the Orkney sex scandal of 1991 was the first for many years to posit the idea that satanist abuse actually happened and was followed swiftly by the response of Sarah Nelson, author of Tackling child sexual abuse: radical approaches to prevention, protection and support, published in 2016 by  Policy Press. 



She is chair of Scottish peace charity, Dove Tales, which uses the arts to oppose the arms trade and question the increasing militarisation of our society.


She also makes beautiful bead jewellery


Her work is available to buy in Curiosity Corner, Amble, Northumberland and from her website:

Contact Jean Rafferty on

  • @fireopal19
  • jean rafferty facebook
  • Jean Rafferty YouTube
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