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New interview on Rise with BNT


I had a great chat today with Sonia Poulton and Sean Ward of Rise with BNT. We discussed satanist ritual abuse, the Orkney scandal and my book, Foul Deeds Will Rise, which had over 50 rejections and two publishers before Wild Wolf, a small independent house in Newcastle, published it. 

Sonia and Sean are very courageous broadcasters who talk about subjects others are too afraid to tackle. As a result they're facing legal action and BNT, the platform which hosts their show, has had to restructure. Here's the link to the interview on my YouTube channel: 


And if you want the whole programme, where Sonia and Sean riff on such varied topics as Dunblane, vaccines and sea moss, click here:



Foul Deeds is about satanist ritual abuse and, controversially, is set in Orkney. The beautiful landscapes and Neolithic monuments form a backdrop to the story, but so too does the scandal of 1991, when social workers removed a number of children from their families because of alleged satanist abuse.

Midsummer Night is not always a delightful Dream...

'Foul Deeds Will Rise is as dark and menacing as Hamlet. It is horrifying until it becomes plausible.' 

          Edmund White, author of The Farewell Symphony and winner of 1918 PEN/Faulkner Award for Achievement in American Fiction.

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