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  Moathouse Publishing to publish Mary Braveheart series


Am delighted to say that my series of childrens books, Mary Braveheart,is to be published by Moathouse Publishing.

Mary is a little cat who goes across the border from Scotland in a storm and ends up in a pub in Bumberland, where she spends her time bossing its three male cats about and taking them on adventures.


The illustrations are by Charlotte Brayley.

Foul Deeds is about satanist ritual abuse and, controversially, is set in Orkney. The beautiful landscapes and Neolithic monuments form a backdrop to the story, but so too does the scandal of 1991, when social workers removed a number of children from their families because of alleged satanist abuse.

Midsummer Night is not always a delightful Dream...

'Foul Deeds Will Rise is as dark and menacing as Hamlet. It is horrifying until it becomes plausible.' 

          Edmund White, author of The Farewell Symphony and winner of 1918 PEN/Faulkner Award for Achievement in American Fiction.

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