Blood on the Corset was originally published as Ladies of the Court and was ostensibly by Virginia Wade. I don't think Virginia would mind my saying she didn't write it, though it was marketed in her name.

I decided to publish it as an e-book to celebrate the return of Wimbledon though some technical problems with Amazon delayed it. It's now available at the bargain price of £1.99.

For anyone as thrilled as I am to see my favourite men and sportswomen back on court, here's how it all started for the women.


For fans interested in the history of tennis, journalist Jean Rafferty's 'Blood on the Corset' gives an invaluable and often humourous account of the stars of the women's game, from Lottie Dod to Martina Navratilova,  placing women players against their historical backgrounds and showing how their careers in tennis often mirrored social changes around the game.'  

                Catherine J.Bell, Editor, Tennis Magazine


The Kindle version of my 1983 book about a year on the snooker circuit is out now on Amazon. Snap it up for just £1.99.

The game then was on the cusp, still with elements of the old days of smokey backstreet halls, louche characters and money changing hands, but beginning to move into a more professional mode, with managers, sponsors, and the bright television lights flooding the game with scrutiny. The book explores the tension between the two worlds of snooker, from the top players to the old timers left behind by the demands of the modern game. From Hurricane Higgins to Steve Davis and his Romford retinue, Rafferty tells the story of a snooker year through the unforgettable personalities involved in the game.


   The Cruel Game captures snooker and the snooker circuit in the 80s better than anything else I’ve read. Jean Rafferty was there throughout the classic 1981-82 season and vividly brings to life the stunning range of characters who existed during the sport’s pomp, both those dominating the centre stage and those lingering in the shadowy margins. Culminating in Alex Higgins’ iconic 1982 world championship win, this book is a snooker and sporting classic.


             Luke Williams, author of

                 Masters of the Baize





Writer Jean Rafferty's latest novel, Foul Deeds Will Rise, is out now.

It was published by Wild Wolf in 2019.

Rafferty is an award winning journalist whose first two works of fiction were both nominated for literary prizes.

This book is about satanist ritual abuse and, controversially, is set in Orkney. The beautiful landscapes and Neolithic monuments form a backdrop to the story, but so too does the scandal of 1991, when social workers removed a number of children from their families because of alleged satanist abuse.

Midsummer Night is not always a delightful Dream...

'Foul Deeds Will Rise is as dark and menacing as Hamlet. It is horrifying until it becomes plausible.' 

          Edmund White, author of The Farewell Symphony and winner of 1918 PEN/Faulkner Award for Achievement in American Fiction.

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