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On September 14th I will be giving my Feature Writing and Pitching workshop at the NUJ offices in Glasgow.
This is a workshop for people who want to learn the core skills of journalism. Google and Twitter have transformed the media landscape but writers still need to know how to write, interviewers still need to know how to interview. Come along and enjoy this inter-active workshop.
The course will take place in the NUJ's new offices at 177 West George Street.

Contact Joan Macdonald on joan@nuj.org.uk

Joan Macdonald
Training Manager
NUJ Training Scotland
Tel. 0141 248 6648
Mob. 07730 513991

Our next Dove Tales event is on September 29th during the Wigtown Book Festival. 
We will be at Reading Lasses at 2.30pm on Saturday 29th September.
It is part of a global event organised by the 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Read a Poem to a Child.
In the year of its 70th anniversary we will be exploring the UN Declaration of Human Rights through poetry, prose and discussion.

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Bottle of Red podcast: I'm in conversation with Ross Garner about Myra Hindley and Dangerous Women in general.


@fireopal19 and on behalf of Dove Tales at @dovetalesasap

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