Feature Writing 

Jean Rafferty has been called one of the UK's top feature writers, 'a stylist.' No matter how trivial the subject matter she is asked to write about - and topics have included a karate-teaching nun, a weekend away with a rugby club and a dog psychologist - she engages totally with her subject. 
Rafferty's lightness of touch led her to do many humorous articles at the beginning of her career, but her powerful social conscience impelled her to explore darker subjects such as Satanic ritual abuse, suicide, torture and prostitution. 
Rafferty is not afraid of controversial subjects and is prepared to look unflinchingly at unfashionable subjects. In the citation for her Norwich Union award-winning article on the feeding of the elderly in hospitals, the judges said, 'This was beautifully written, and a powerful piece. It exposed a topic that is often brushed under the carpet and the people who run hospitals need to sit up and take notice of an article like this.'  

Read two of Rafferty's many articles on the following pages: Prostitution in Glasgow, an abridged version of her article that appeared in Guardian Weekend during Glasgow's notorious run of prostitute murders in the 1990s; and Caring for the Elderly, her prize-winning entry to the Norwich Union Medical Journalism Awards, originally published in the Sunday Herald.
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